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"Securing A Safer Community"


Deputy Commissioner Tom Kulunga


Police Commissioner, Toami Kulunga

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) prides itself with its planning and implementation processes.  Through the strategic management system, the Constabulary has made significant advances in planning, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of its operations.  However, there is still much to achieve.  With the help of the Law and Justice Sector, we look forward to further growth and development. 

With the era of new technologies, the Constabulary has seen improvements in its information systems and communications, which are all positive policing initiatives that have achieved results.  This RPNGC web page is a result of advancements in communication and information technology.  In the policy and administration areas, the Government Review Team has been put in place to review our structural management.  As we progress into the 21st century, the new payroll system or concept will be evaluated.  We can also improve on Equal Employment Opportunity policies. 

In the operational area, achievements have been realized in the area of community policing.

Our greatest support has been the development of our planning processes, culminating in each area being evaluated twice yearly.  I have introduced the Commissioner's Command Conference, which is staged bi-annually to focus on the developments and progress of respective commanders.  The conference provides an avenue for the commanders to report on their achievements and challenges.

There is a greater sense of community within the Constabulary and this is evident in our community policing approach in which the Constabulary is moving away from a strictly reactive approach, instead embracing itself in a community-orientated approach.

The RPNGC looks forward to seeing greater networking partnerships for the betterment of the Constabulary in pursuit of our national development, especially now that is part of the Sectoral approach.   

With this, I congratulate the RPNGC for being part of this Sectoral initiative, keeping in touch with the wider community through this new information-based technology.



Simon Kauba 

  • Simon Kauba- Acting Deputy Commissioner Operations


  •   Jim Wan- Acting Deputy Commissioner Administration




Fred Sheekiot

  • Fred Sheekiot- Assistant Commissioner Islands

Joab Mangae

  • Joab Mangae- ACP Logistics

Jim Andrews

  • Jim Andrews- ACP Public Safety

 Francis Tokura

  • Francis Tokura- ACP Central and NCD

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