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Office of the Secretary & Attorney General

 Lawrence Kalinoe official shot






  • Dr Lawrence Kalinoe, Secretary Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Dr Kalinoe was formerly the Secretary to the PNG Law Reform Commission until his appointment as Secretary to the Justice and Attorney General Department replacing Hitelai Polume. He is from Ambunti in the East Province and holds a Phd in Law from the University of Wollongong. He was formerly the Dean of the Law School and the main Waigani Campus. Dr Kalinoe has written extensively on a wide range of issues, including his Thesis on water use in the Gulf province. He is Chair of the CIMC Family and Sexual Violence Commitee, and is also on the Environment Board of the Department of Environment and Conservation.

 Jack Kariko






  • Jack Kariko- A/Deputy Secretary (Legal & Policy) for Department of Justice & Attorney General

 Mr Kariko was formerly the Principal Legal Officer for International Law before his appointment. He holds a Masters in Law from University of Sydney, Australia.


The Office of the Secretary and Attorney General comprises the Secretary's Office, two Deputy Secretaries, the Policy and Executive Branch and the Management Services Branch.

The Attorney General has professional responsibilities under the Constitution and other laws and by virtue of the traditional norms and ethics of the legal profession. He is the Principal Legal Adviser to the National Executive Council and also has precedence in court over all lawyers except the two other Law Officers, the Public Prosecutor and the Public Solicitor.

The Secretary and Attorney General and the two deputy secretaries direct the operations and administration of the entire department and ensures that both legal advice and services are delivered to every person, State institutional and private sector institutions.

Furthermore, the Office of the Secretary and Attorney General is largely responsible for ensuring the overall efficient and effective delivery of government services under the department's Mission Statement. In that connection, costs for certain operational and management aspects of the Department have traditionally been borne by the Top Management Branch, as follows:

  • Self-Accounting
  • Lawyer's Practicing Certificates
  • Library Services
  • Training
  • Maintenance of Assets
  • Assets Replacement
  • Maintenance (DOW)
  • Overseas Travel
  • Design and Construction.

Through the Office of the Secretary and Attorney General, the department contributes towards maintaining a just, peaceful and safe society and secure social environment as part of the State's efforts in the pursuit of other development goals. Its services constitute legal and justice functions; law reform, community correction and rehabilitation services which impact upon individuals, agencies and instrumentalities of the State, and private corporate entities at all levels of PNG society

More significantly, the Department has a facilitative role in coordinating, administering and has policy oversight in the necessary interaction between the three arms of government: the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary.


    1. To protect the interest of the State through timely, correct and cost-effective legal services 
    2. To provide timely, independent, effective and efficient prosecution services to the State
    3. To provide timely, available and accessible legal assistance
    4. To provide all members of the community with access to a community justice system and processes for settlement of disputes relating to land
    5. To provide transparent, timely and cost-effective trusteeship of  deceased estates and certified insane and insolvent persons
    6. To provide efficient and responsive law reform services
    7. To strengthen the Department's capacity to meet its responsibilities to the State and the people of Papua New Guinea. 

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